Vashtie Kola Височина, тегло, възраст, гадже, семейство, факти, биография

Vashtie Kola Бърза информация
Височина 5 фута 5 инча
Тегло 53 кг
Дата на раждане 23 април 1981 г.
Зодия Телец
Цвят на очите Тъмно кафяво

Vashtie Kola  е американски режисьор на музикални видеоклипове, художник, режисьор, модел, дизайнер, креативен консултант и DJ, известен най-вече с режисирането на музикален видеоклип към песента One Time от Джъстин Бийбър и песента TONY на Solange през 2009 г., както и на Kendrick Lamar's ADHD сингъл през 2011 г., заедно със създаването на собствен артистичен музикален видеоклип за Hotline Bing , добре познат хитов сингъл на Drake от 2015 г. Vashtie също така режисира музикалния видеоклип към песен на Kid Cudi на име Heaven at Nite през 2008 г., както и музикални видеоклипове за колаборация на Shontelle, Rihanna и J-Status под формата на песен Roll It , Jadakiss ' Letter to BIGпосветена на The Notorious BIG, както и на Joey Bada $$ ' Waves през 2012 г. Тя също така е работила с музикални групи като Child Rebel Soldier за тяхната песен Us Placers през 2007 г., заедно с  групата Gym Class Heroes за  видеоклипа на  Martyrial Girl $ през 2012 г.

През 2006 г. Vashtie става креативен директор на Island Def Jam , известна компания, и започва същите месечни партита, наречени 1992 г. същата година, където свири само музика от 80-те и 90-те. Известни светски хора, актьори и музиканти като Зоуи Кравиц, Патрик Юинг, DJ Premier, Максуел, Не-Йо, Дейв Чапел, Джей Зи и много други бяха забелязани да присъстват на събитието. През 2008 г. Vashtie стартира собствена линия за дрехи на име Violette и по-късно си сътрудничи с марки като Beats на Dr. Dre , PUMA , Nike , Jordan и други, за да създаде лимитирани или уникални продукти. На 14 февруари 2019 г. тя представи своя 8-минутен късометражен филм със заглавиеФренската вълна в Ню Йорк, която тя е написала, режисирала и участвала.

Родено име

Vashtie Kola


Вашти, Va $ htie

Vashtie Kola в шоу на Fendi, както се вижда в нейния профил в Instagram през февруари 2019 г.

Слънчев знак


Родено място

Олбани, Ню Йорк, САЩ


Ню Йорк, Ню Йорк, САЩ




Vashtie посещава Нюйоркското училище за визуални изкуства в Ню Йорк, Ню Йорк, САЩ през 1999 г. Завършва специалност филм през 2004 г.


Творчески директор, художник, филмов режисьор, режисьор на музикални видеоклипове, диджей, дизайнер, модел


Vashtie се представлява от -

  • 3DD разпространение
  • Cinematic Music Group




5 фута 5 инча или 165 см


53 кг

Vashtie Kola, както се вижда в нейния профил в Instagram през март 2019 г.

Гадже / съпруга

Vashtie е с дата -

  1. Андре Бенджамин -  Излизала е с американския музикант Андре Бенджамин някъде в миналото.
  2. Pharrell Williams (2004-2009) – Vashtie was in a long term relationship with the well known American rapper and musician Pharrell Williams from September 2004 up until late 2009. The pair met through Pusha T, another well-known rapper, and Vashie later said in an interview that she learned a lot about music and business from Pharrell, which impacted her own creativity, knowledge, and success.
  3. Joey Badass (2015) – Vashtie was linked with the American rapper Joey Badass in September 2015.

Race / Ethnicity

Multiracial (Asian and Black)

She has Trinbagonian, African, and Indian ancestry.

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Dark curly hair
  • Very dark brown eyes
  • Slim physique
  • Fuller Lips

Brand Endorsements

She has endorsed brands such as her own brand Violette clothing (2008), Billionaire Boys Club clothing line (2005), Beats by Dr. Dre (Violette Beats), Violette Jordan shoes (2010), Ice Cream Girl brand, DKNY fashion (2013), Pepsi Refresh Program (2009), Nike Destroyer campaign (2009), Rachel Roy (2010), PUMA (2015), Macy’s (2017), Swarowski (2017), Gabby Elan Jewelry (2019), and KILIAN perfume (2019).

Vashtie Kola as seen on her Instagram in February 2019

Best Known For

  • Being a creative director for Island Def Jam brand in 2006
  • Starting her own clothing brand named Violette in 2008
  • Working with well-known brands such as Dr. Dre, Jordan, PUMA, Macy’s, Nike, and others
  • Directing and starring in an art film for Hotline Bling, a song by Drake in 2015
  • Directing music videos such as One Time by Justin Bieber, Solange’s T.O.N.Y, Kendrick Lamar’s A.D.H.D, Gym Class Heroes’ Martyrial Girl$, and others

As a Music Director

The first music video she directed was a 2005 song titled Papercut by Beans, a well-known rapper. She also directed a number of other songs including Come Again by Tony Hussle released the same year, Us Placers by Child Rebel Soldier, and I Want Your Soul by Armand Van Helden.

First TV Show

Vashtie’s first television appearance was in a TV series Dinner with the Band in 2010, where she appeared as herself.

Personal Trainer

Vashtie is a raw vegan, despite her family being meat eaters and loving a typical Indian or Trinidad food cuisine. She claimed her mother was supportive, and that she creates a great curry vegetable meal for her.

Her slim physique is a mix of great genetics and working out in private, as she has to stay in shape for various modeling projects.

Vashtie Kola Favorite Things

  • Animal – Cat
  • Jewelry – Necklaces, Rings
  • Hobby – Smoking cigars
  • Champagne – Moët

Source – Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram

Vashtie Kola as seen on her Instagram Profile in February 2019

Vashtie Kola Facts

  1. She has a cat named Vladimir, whose breed is a Russian blue cat.
  2. Vashtie grew up in Albany, New York, United States, and initially assumed she was black. However, black kids told her she looked Indian, and Indian kids told her she looked black, for which she has to thank her multiracial ancestry consisting of Indian, Trinbagonian and African roots.
  3. She considers Sofia Coppola, Gwen Stefani, Kim Gordon, and Aaliyah riot, independent, and tough girls.
  4. Growing up, she was an outcast. She liked punk rock, skateboards, and tattoos.
  5. Vashtie worked in a tattoo shop from 8th grade until she went to college. She initially went inside just to kill time, and because she had a crush on the owner. After spending a lot of time there, the owner offered her a job of cleaning and sterilizing the grips and tubes.
  6. Vashtie was drawn to the Supreme skate shop on Lafayette St. in East Village in Lafayette Street in New York City, New York. It was one of the reasons the press soon called her Downtown’s Sweetheart, which is a nickname she later used for her website.
  7. During the time she studied at the New York School of Visual Arts in 1999, she worked at a Stüssy store in SoHo, New York City. It was there that she became friends with various streetwear designers, skaters, and graffiti artists, and even became a roommate with a legendary street artist Earsnot.
  8. Most of her music videos from 2005 and 2006 were done under Box Fresh Pictures where she was signed as a director.
  9. In 2008, her monthly party event 1992 was nominated in the category of “Best Party” at the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards.
  10. Solange Knowles, the singer behind the T.O.N.Y. song Vashtie directed a music video for, is Beyonce Knowles‘s sister.
  11. In 2009, Vibe magazine listed her at the 23rd spot of their “31 Most Stylish People Under 31” list. The same year, Nylon magazine featured her as part of their It Girls lineup.
  12. Vashtie became the 1st female to collaborate with Jordan, a well-known shoe brand. She made her own sneaker design that was sold at only selected boutiques and it sold out very quickly within the first few days.
  13. When asked what her profession was among such a huge portfolio, she said she was an artist primarily.
  14. In 2011, Vashtie was featured in The New York Times magazine and praised for her style, relatability to a variety of girls from different backgrounds and cultures, and her versatility in various fields of the media industry.
  15. През 2011 г. Vashtie се сдоби с камера Polaroid SX-70, за да направи снимки на свои приятели и колеги. Тя каза, че причината за закупуването на този конкретен модел е, че е същият, който Анди Уорхол използва за своите портрети.
  16. Тя участва в 3AM , документален телевизионен сериал от Showtime, за 1 епизод през 2015 г. Сериалът се занимаваше с късния нощен живот на Ню Йорк, в който тя също беше част. Сериалът е отменен само след 7 епизода през януари 2016 г.
  17. Посетете официалния й уебсайт @
  18. Следвайте я в Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube и Tumblr.

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