Мили Боби Браун Височина, тегло, възраст, гадже, семейство, биография

Мили Боби Браун Бърза информация
Височина 5 фута 4 инча
Тегло 47 кг
Дата на раждане 19 февруари 2004 г.
Зодия Риби
Цвят на очите Леска

Мили Боби Браун е английска актриса и продуцент, която за първи път стана известна, като изигра ролята на Единадесет / Джейн Айвс в  Stranger Things , американски научнофантастичен хорър-мистър-трилър стрийминг телевизионен сериал. Също така е участвала в роли като Енола Холмс в  Енола Холмс , Рейчъл Барнс в  NCIS , Мадисън Ръсел в Годзила: Кралят на чудовищата , Млада Алиса в „  Имало едно време в страната на чудесата“ , Руби в  „Анатомия на Грей“ , Мадисън О’Донъл в „  Натрапници“ и Лизи в  съвременното семейство .

Родено име

Мили Боби Браун



Мили Боби Браун на годишните награди "Еми" на Primetime 2016

Слънчев знак


Родено място

Марбея, Малага, Испания




Мили Боби Браун отиде в  Pokesdown Community Primary School в Борнмут, окръг Дорсет, Англия. Тя учи в това конкретно училище в продължение на 4 години, преди семейството й да реши да се премести в Орландо, Флорида.

В Орландо тя посещава училище през уикенда. Училището имаше 4-часови класове в събота и преподаваше актьорско майсторство, пеене и танци.

Според интервю за британския Vogue през 2016 г. тя използва онлайн учител за обучението си, което й помага да впише образованието си в тесния си работен график.


Актриса, продуцент


  • Баща - Робърт Браун (бивш собственик на бизнес за недвижими имоти и избелване на зъби)
  • Майка - Кели Браун (домакиня)
  • Братя и сестри - Пейдж Браун (по-стара сестра) (служител на строителното общество), Чарли Браун (по-стар брат), Ава Браун (по-млада сестра)
  • Други - Рут (баба)


Мили Боби Браун е представлявана от тези агенции -

  • Агенция за таланти Paradigm
  • Потвърдително забавление
  • PCMA Management and Productions, LLC, Talent Management Company, Файетвил, Джорджия, САЩ




5 фута 4 инча или 162,5 см

Тя разкри височината си в интервю за Associated Press в YouTube през април 2018 г.


47 кг

Гадже / съпруга

Мили е излизала -

  1. Jacob Sartorius (2017-2018) – In October 2017, singer Jacob Sartorius and Millie started dating each other. In April 2018, there were some cheating rumors that Jacob had cheated on Millie with some other girls. But, it didn’t affect their relationship. Finally, in July 2018, Jacob and Millie mutually decided to end their relationship of more than 6 months. It was an amicable separation.
  2. Romeo James Beckham (2019) – In March 2019, the news of model Romeo James Beckham dating Millie started surfacing the internet. They had first met at the UNICEF gala in 2016. This friendship turned into dating after 3 years of meeting. They broke up towards the end of 2019.
  3. Joseph Robinson (2020) – From January 2020 until August 2020, Millie and rugby player Joseph Robinson remained an item. Joseph is the son of the England legend, Jason.
Мили Боби Браун взаимодейства с феновете и пресата в New York Comic Con през 2016 г.

Race / Ethnicity


Millie Bobby Brown is of English descent.

Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Short hair
  • One dimple on her right cheek
Мили Боби Браун задава въпроси от публиката на BUILD Series, проведено в централата на AOL през август 2016 г.

Brand Endorsements

She has done some promotional and campaign work for Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

She became the face of Calvin Klein in 2017.

In November 2018, she was made the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. At that time, she was the youngest-ever UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Best Known For

  • Her popular role in the Netflix series, Stranger Things, for which she received several accolades including Saturn Award for “Best Younger Actor in a Television Series”, MTV Movie & TV Award for “Best Actor in a Show”, Kids’ Choice Award for “Favorite TV Actress”, and Teen Choice Award for “Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress”
  • Starring in the Sigma feat Birdy‘s music video for the song, Find Me, in 2016

First TV Show

Millie’s first TV show appearance came in the role of young Alice in the ABC fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland in 2013 in 2 episodes.

Personal Trainer

Millie Brown is a big fan of martial arts and performs it almost every day to work her body. On Mondays, she has a Thai boxing session followed by jiu-jitsu on Tuesday, which she again repeats on Thursday. On Wednesdays, she has a regular boxing session at Phoenix MMA U.K. gym in London. She also has a boxing bag in her garden.

When she is not filming, Millie likes to throw in rock climbing in her routine to give herself a close to the nature workout.

Millie Bobby Brown Favorite Things

  • Fashion Brand – Burberry, Stella McCartney, Coach
  • Subjects – English Literature, Science
  • Movies – The Twilight franchise, To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
  • Singer – Ed Sheeran

Source – Telegraph, Vogue, Vulture

Мили Боби Браун на BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea Party 2016

Millie Bobby Brown Facts

  1. Millie Bobby Brown was first discovered by an agent, while she was enrolled in the weekend stage school and had participated in a showcase.
  2. Just before giving a successful audition for Stranger Things, she had a meeting with the casting agent, who said she was too mature to get work and that raw emotion helped her get the audition spot on.
  3. She has a very close relationship with Stranger Things co-star Winona Ryder and even wears a ring on the middle finger given by her friend and mentor.
  4. Millie Brown perfected her American accent for her acting by watching a lot of Disney shows.
  5. Before getting her big break with Stranger Things, she had done a couple of cameos in the famous TV series such as Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy in 2015.
  6. All her outfits are selected by her mother, who makes sure that she is dressed in clothes that are appropriate for her age.
  7. She is a passionate supporter of the famous English soccer club, Liverpool FC.
  8. Just before she bagged a role in Stranger Things, her family was facing major financial difficulties and was practically living with her aunt.
  9. Her Twitter page is managed by her older brother Charlie, whereas her sister Paige is responsible for her Instagram account.
  10. She auditioned for the role of a young girl (older version played by Melissa McCarthy) in the 2016 comedy film The Boss, but the role went to some other girl.
  11. Brown became the youngest ever model at 12 when she was chosen to front a Calvin Klein campaign in early 2017.
  12. She brought to life the character of Enola Holmes, the youngest sibling in the famous Holmes family who is extremely intelligent, observant, and insightful and defies the social norms for women of the era, in the 2020 mystery film, Enola Holmes, starring alongside Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter.
  13. In October 2020, Millie showed her desire to play Amy Winehouse in a biopic if given a chance.
  14. Тя имаше отрицателен опит с фен, докато пазаруваше за Коледа през 2020 г. Мили не искаше да бъде заснет от фенката и беше казала „не“, но младият фен все пак започна да снима.
  15. Тя се е появявала и в музикални видеоклипове за песни като  Happy Anniversary, All I Want for Christmas Is You! от Марая Кери,  In My Feelings от Drake и Girls Like You (Оригинал, том 2 и Вертикални видео версии) от Maroon 5 с участието на Cardi B.

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